RSS games resource en-us Superstar Breakout Despite the game being called Breakout, it's not like breakout at all and is more like Bubble Bobble Naked Santa Throw the snow ball and hit naked Santa, bit of a weird one this game. Leopard Print Fashion She has lots of fashionable leopard dresses and gowns. Can you pick which one suits her best? Moko Moko A stylish and fun brick and paddle game. Quadrato The object of the game is to last as long as you can by collecting RED squares. To create a RED square, move your cursor around the WHITE squares forming a circle, then run your mouse pointer over the top. Galaxy Guard Outfit your ship with powerful shields and weapons and strike back at an armada of aliens in this thrilling arcade game! Destroy waves of gunships collecting upgrades to your weapons and shields to use on the powerful command ships orchestrating the assau Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry Grab the gilleyweed and avoid the underwater creatures. Stay alive as long as you can. Cattlepult Can you beat all the levels and win the prize or be like a bull in a Chinese shop Movie Connection Do you love movies? The object of the game is to place the actors in the correct positions so they matched up with the films they starred in. You earn points for each correct answer. Have fun! Hidding Aangel Do you have good eyesight and memory? If so it will be easy for you to find the angle hidden in the clouds. Hacker Collect all floppy disks to access the security computer which allow you to go to nest office floors. You are smart, you can do it but beware! Microsoft boss Ben Getls knows you are there and he has called for the cops. 5 in a Row This is a brilliant game, with new strategies emerging every time you play it! The aim is to place 5 blocks of the same color in a row for points. You can place the blocks either horizontally or vertically and use the blocks to nudge others into place. Subaquatic Glop Drop Introduce the gum that gushes glop to the jelly fish of the far seas. Peppy ' s Sienna Miller Dress Up Help these model/actress do her stuff in the red carpet Mind Reader Whose reading whose mind? Water! -Wiggi World Entry Fly around on your hoverboard and get water for your village, but watch out for Cacti! Protect The War You are the sole survivor of a brave squadron sent across the pacific ocean to intercept waves of martian invaders making their way towards civilization. You are earth last hope. Yeti Hammer Throw Throw the hammer as far as you can. Deep Lift In this jump and run game you are an aquanaut who has to reach the lifts. Move and collect power ups and all those other helpful extras. Fashionista Dress Up Fashionista dress up has a wardrobe full of fun outfits for this fashionable girl. Go shopping with large stylish bags and hit the town in cute fashion dresses. Dressing up is fun in different casual outfits. Dress the Chibi Fun and cute dress-up for the little Chibi! Reaction Effect Simple game of making a single click to see how big the effect is. Peppy ' s Adrina Lima Dress Up Get our Brazilian supermodel get ready for pictorial. Clusterobot Grab all the same colors of gems as you avoid other colors. Steady with that mouse! Bomb Bandits Neutralize bombs and don`t blow up! Snake-style game. DeeJay Do you really wanna be a dj? Here's your chance to be one. Just roll over the records to scratch and click on the stars to change loops and have fun with music! Elevation Elevate through the platform without getting crushed. Go up as fast as you possibly can. Armed with Wings Travel through the lands, in a quest to bring justice to the one who destroyed the rebellion army. Armed with an eagle, solve puzzles and beat down bad guys in this action packed platformer. Dont Let Go Try to hold and press the button as long as you can! Blobs Hit the ball before it reaches the top!